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    Talent philosophy

    Talent philosophy

    Strategic planning the construction of talent team

    In order to adapt to the construction of Dehong Zhejiang become the overall goal of the world famous enterprises, the construction of a high-quality talent to adapt to the development of enterprises, the board of directors of the company, according to the actual development strategy proposed in Dehong and Zhejiang manager of construction and development, the development of the plan.

    Company talent team construction planning company talent team construction plan.

    (一)Guiding ideology

    With the steady development of enterprises as a guide to the enterprise talent strategy, improve the training and the introduction of the use of the mechanism of enterprise talent, establish a good overall quality, reasonable structure, adequate professional education, to adapt to the transformation of enterprise business structure adjustment, industrial structure of talent team. With the introduction of high-level talent and much-needed talent development as the focus, accelerate the formation of the company to adapt to the development of the talent groups and echelon, improve the overall quality of our company's talent and the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

    (二)Development principle

    In the process of speeding up the construction of talent team, we must adhere to the following principles:

    1,Adhere to the principle of high starting point and high standard

    The core talent is of high level, high quality, efficient use of personnel. Vigorously develop a bachelor degree or above, the development of enterprises with strong adaptability and support of high-level personnel. Focus on cultivating solid theoretical foundation, practical experience, outstanding performance of senior corporate economic management personnel and engineering and technical personnel, initially formed a high-level personnel groups.

    2,Adhere to clear objectives、Focus on the principle of

    With the strategic adjustment of business structure of the demand for talent as the principle, focus on the steady development of enterprises mission objectives, adjust the specialty structure, to organize the introduction, training and selection of professional talents, promote the company's talent pool.

    3,Adhere to the passing training, focusing on long-term principle

    Follow the "long-term development, focus on training, training strategy to" talent, pay attention to the construction of company personnel training mode, take various forms and channels, and strive to improve the level of existing personnel, vigorously develop the development potential of the young talent reserve personnel resources, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the development of the industry stamina.

    4,Adhere to the principle of policy orientation and market mechanism

    According to the "conducive to talent agglomeration, is conducive to the outstanding talent to talent talent shows itself, play the role of" requirements, formulate relevant policies of enterprise talent development, establish and improve the company's talent development system and operation mechanism. Improve and optimize the employment mechanism to market demand allocation of talent, market mechanisms to develop talent, the establishment of human resources pool, the implementation of dynamic personnel management, and promote the emergence of senior talent.

    (三)Development goal

    Fully implement the "talent strong enterprise" strategy, the establishment of a comprehensive quality excellent, academic structure is reasonable, professional talent enough, adapt to enterprise business model adjustment, industrial restructuring talent team. To 2014, the proportion of the company's talent structure, college and higher education to 40%, with a variety of professional and technical personnel more than 80.

    (四)Development measures

    1, establish and improve the introduction mechanism of talent training

    The enterprise through absorb the social talents and internal training combined, speeding up the training of a number of political accomplishment, the spirit of innovation, market awareness and management and the ability to solve practical problems of reserve management personnel, to provide strong talent guarantee for enterprise second flyby.

    One is to revitalize the talents. To improve the structure of talent, cultivate and exercise all kinds of talents, the talent tends to be reasonable in all aspects of industrial structure, division of occupation etc..

    Two is to train practical talents. In the existing stock of talent, the selection can be created, to focus on training, reduce labor costs.

    The three is the introduction of professional talent. For business management and professional and technical personnel needs, increase the intensity of the introduction, the establishment of smooth channels of talent introduction.

    Four is to retain the core talent. Strengthen the development of core talents, strengthen the core talent reengineering, strengthen the work environment to create talent.

    2, cultivate and cultivate their own culture

    Create and nurture the enterprise's own business philosophy, efforts to build professional team. Always build the open, cooperative, honest, development, harmonious team new image as the future management team construction and enterprise culture construction starting point and destination. To adapt to the construction and enterprise idea, the enterprise values and the enterprise spirit of enterprise culture, reflected in loving people to respect people, pay attention to employee self realization, improve the working environment of employees, effectively solve the vital interests of the employees, and actively undertake social responsibility.

    3, establish and improve the incentive mechanism

    Create a good environment for stimulating the growth of talent team, encourage talent competition, plan to train, select and reward outstanding personnel. To make extraordinary contributions, can give spiritual and material incentives to create a crisis eternal, incentive with the work atmosphere.

    4, strengthen human resources management

    The establishment of the company human resources management system, construction of enterprise talents and talents database, accurately grasp the number of talent team, structure and distribution, dynamic management of personnel, and promote the healthy development of talent and reasonable flow. At the same time, the reserve talents for the future plan into the enterprise development plan, establish a daily training evaluation mechanism and use of archives, implement talent classification and dynamic management, assessment and protection mechanism of the establishment of nengshangnengxia, can, gradually adapt to the development of modern enterprises need the full of vigor and vitality of the personnel management system.

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