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    Research and development

    Our technology

    ■ Our technical center was granted as provincial technical center in 2002 and the provincial high-tech R&D center in 2007 by the provincial economic and trade commission. The center have about 60 technicians and distinguished chinese-american electromechanical experts and senior engineers as the chief Engineer or counselor for our technical guidance. Our product design adopts SolidEdge advanced 3D design software to ensure providing the products that meet customer requirements within 3 months. Using the PLM product management system to realize the various information products of relative sharing and unified management, improve the company's ability to respond.

    ■ Through the exploration for many years, we have formed the key technology and proprietary intellectual property rights of the main technical field covering the vehicle alternator manufacturing basically. We have received more than 60 effective national patents,

    ■ At present, our company had reached a long-term friendly and cooperative relation with Mr. Rao Fang Quan and his team, who is the only national alternator academician in Chinese Academy of Engineering; established the academician experts workstation to further improve the capacity of R&D and innovation. The company increased the investment of R&D budgets continuously, which used in the work of technology innovation. Through investing and importing the most advanced international experimental equipment, design application software etc., it provides a strong security for the company’s innovation.

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