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  • Dehong shares 603701
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    Since its inception the company has always focused on the vehicle alternator R & D and production, from the experience of the vehicle matching to obtain qualifications, the mainstream of domestic commercial vehicle brand support, to enter the United States, the United States Cummings Navistar and other international well-known enterprise global procurement system in three stages. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the leading product with pump integral series generator first through the test test of the Japanese Isuzu Motor Ltd, replace imports become the main auxiliary generator. In 2005, the company successfully obtained Jiangling Motors (Ford) V348 project generator supporting exclusive qualification, the product was named the national Torch Plan key projects in 2008.

    In 2007, the exclusive right of supporting the company self-developed JFZ270-112 products successfully competing Foton Cummins supporting a new generation of high performance light diesel engine project, greatly enhance the company's brand influence. In 2009, the company ET-305 hybrid excitation generator by the Ministry of science and technology as a national key new products. In October 1, 2009, the 60 anniversary of National Day celebration parade team guided missile equipment onboard Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine QD32 is equipped with an engine of our self-developed JF1105 061 generator. The historical significance of the success of products, the company's 60 anniversary of the motherland to produce a satisfactory answer, and make a contribution for the national defense industry. In 2010, the company developed the JFZ280-3002 products exclusive China supporting heavy duty truck and German man joint Shantou techlab engine. In 2011, the company developed the JFZ280-4300 products supporting the success of the Jianghuai Automobile and American joint venture company Navistar engine.

    In 2011, the company obtained the United States Cummings annual output of 100 thousand ISG engine new project supporting qualifications, marking the company's products into the international famous brand global procurement system. In 2012, the company's products through the United States Navistar process audit, with the company's global supplier qualification.

    In 2013 the company has achieved the Cummings project and the Jianghuai Navistar quantities, the same year the company successfully supporting G501 gasoline engine project and Futian bus OUHUI high power generator Jiangling Automobile project, marking the company once again to achieve a breakthrough in the development of passenger car market and supporting the large power generator market. 2013 and in 2014, the company's light vehicle environmental protection and energy saving diesel generator project and vehicle environmental protection and energy saving diesel generator project has won the national Torch Plan industrialization demonstration project certificate.

    In April 12, 2016, the company officially listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, successfully entered the market, China A shares of the capital stock abbreviation: Dehong shares, stock code: 603701, marking the company's development into a new course.

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