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  • Dehong shares 603701
    Sales Hotline:+86-572-2756126

    Development history

    • 2016

      In 2016 the company successfully landed on the Shanghai stock exchange, stock abbreviation: Dehong shares, stock code: 603701

    • 2015

      2015 Three phase of an annual output of 1 million sets of automotive alternator project started construction

      Elected as the chairman of the electrical and Electrical Committee of China Association of internal combustion engines

      Green enterprises in Zhejiang Province

      Huzhou municipal government quality award

    • 2014

      Won the provincial cleaner production enterprises, Huzhou lean demonstration enterprises

      Provincial Enterprise Research Institute

      Won the Fuzhou City fusion demonstration enterprise depth

      Fuzhou fine management demonstration project (enterprise)

    • 2013

      Listed as the leading enterprises in the industry of Huzhou

      Advanced units of production safety

      Zhejiang science and technology SMEs

    • 2012

      The two phase of the plant was put into use to set up Huzhou academician expert workstation

      Won the Huzhou city integration pilot enterprises Zhejiang innovation demonstration small and medium enterprises

      Fuzhou city's leading enterprises in the industry

    • 2011

      The top ten enterprises Chinese automotive electronics industry "click"

      Through the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification

      Certified by GB/T28001:2001 occupational health and safety management

    • 2010

      The company changed its name to Zhejiang Dehong automotive electronic and electrical Limited by Share Ltd

      National safety and quality standardization machinery manufacturing enterprise certificate"

      Won the "Chinese engine parts industry leading enterprises"

    • 2009

      Zhejiang excellent enterprise technology center

      12Dehong Zhejiang Automotive Electrical System Co., Ltd.

    • 2008

      We moved to the eastern city of Huzhou New District eight industrial park

      Identified as the Zhejiang provincial industrial and commercial enterprise credit AAA class Shou contract re credit unit

      Through the review of high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province innovative pilot enterprises

    • 2007

      China automotive electronics industry ten strong

    • 2006

      Labor protection of A-class enterprises set up in Huzhou Dehong Aike Taike Automotive Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd.

    • 2005

      Zhejiang Chengxin enterprise

    • 2004

      Huzhou was listed as the backbone of key enterprises

    • 2003

      The performance evaluation of the national top 100 enterprises of machinery industry

    • 2002

      Won the "national high-tech enterprise" title, for the more than and 20 OEMs matching

    • 2001

      Huzhou Dehong automobile motor factory was changed into Huzhou Dehong Automotive Electrical System Co., Ltd.

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