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  • Dehong shares 603701
    Sales Hotline:+86-572-2756126

    Company profile

    Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronic & Electrical Co.,Ltd. founded in 1978 is Located in huzhouwhich known as the pearl of South Tai Lake,it isa professional manufacturer who devotes itself to the R&D of the automobile alternators and domestic A-share main board listed companies.The company is the National High and New Technology Enterprise,the Governing Unit of The China Combustion Engine Industry Association Electrical Machine Committee, Zhejiang Green Enterprises,the Municipal Key Backbone Enterprise, and the Safety Production Standardization Level 2 Enterprise (Mechanical). In recent years,,the company has been awarded the Innovation Enterprise, Top Ten Enterprise of the China auto electron, electric appliance and motor industry, the pacesetter enterprise of combustion engine and parts industry.

    Our company's main business is R&D, sales and related technical services of the automotive alternators. Company's products are mainly located in the medium and high-end market. Our company owns 8 series and nearly three hundred models, and is one of the alternator companies who own the most abundant product line in domestic. Most of the clients is the domestic well-known engine machine factory and automotive OEMs .The main supporting customers are JMC,Deutz FAW(Dalian)Diesel Engine co.,Ltd.,BeiqiFoton Motor Co., Ltd.,Beijing Foton Cummins Co.,Ltd.,CNHTC's Group, Baoding Greatwall Internal Combustion Engine Production Co.,Ltd.,DongfengChaoyangChaocai Power Co.,Ltd, QingLing Motors Co., Ltd., Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. , Ltd., MianyangXinchen Power Co.,Ltd., Chengdu Chengfa Engine company, Kunming Yunnei Power company, Weichai power Co., Ltd., Guangxi YuchaiMachinelCo.,Ltd., ChangchaiCo.,Ltd.,Zhengzhou Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd., Changchun FAW Sihuan Engine Manufacture Co.,Ltd., Tianjin LOVOL Heavy Industry Group Co.,Ltd., DongfengLight Engine Co.,Ltd.etc.

    Our company is the professional manufacturer of the alternator for the commercial vehicle engine. Since the beginning of nation's middle of Eleventh Five-year Plan, we have always kept its market share among Top 3 in this line. Since 2011, the market share has reached to more than 20%.

    The company's predecessor passed theVDA6.1Quality System of TUV in the year of 2000 .In April 2004 we passed ISO/TS16949 Quality Certificate System, the company is the Huzhou Government Quality Prize Unit.

    On April 12, 2016, our company officially listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, and successfully enter the Chinese A-share market, stock abbreviation:Dehong shares, stock code: 603701,that marked our company grow into new course.

    China is already the big manufacturing and sale automaker, but such a big market has not developed the strong competitive car brand. The most important thing we can do is to replace the import of the main parts domestication completely and we have the capability to compete on the international stage as far as the alternator is concerned. Dehong takes” Improve continuously and pursue perfectly” as our brand concept. Our staff will do our best to produce the best quality products with great creativity and take our customers as the God. We orient on the international development and backup as the technology power and make our company” Technology, Mercerization and Internationalization”.

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