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  • Dehong shares 603701
    Sales Hotline:+86-572-2756126
    • The First Session of the Sixth Council of Combustion Engine Industry Association Electrics Branch2016-12-30
    • The company successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange2016-12-30
    • The company established Academician Expert Workstation2016-12-30
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    About Dehong

    Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronic & Electrical Co.,Ltd. founded in 1978 is located in huzhou which known as the pearl of South Tai Lake. It is a professional manufacturer who devotes itself to the R&D of the automobile alternators and domestic a-share main board listed companies.The company is the National High-Tech Enterprise,the President member of The China Combustion Engine Industry Association Electrical Machine Committee, Zhejiang Green Enterprises,the Municipal Key Enterprise, and the Level 2 Enterprise of the Safety Production Standardization (Mechanical). In recent years, the company has been awarded the Innovation Enterprise, Top Ten Enterprise of the China’s Auto Electronics Industry, the Pioneer Enterprise of China Internal Combustion Engine Parts Industry.

    • Dehong spirit:Iron discipline serious organization concept sincerely love enterprise
    • corporate culture:Quality excellence customer satisfaction continuous improvement pursuit leading
    • Trademark meaning:Self breakthrough consciousness continuous innovation consciousness struggle hard spirit integrity and trustworthiness character

    Enterprise honorHonest and clean government culture

    Product introduction


    Supporting development process

    Since its inception the company has always focused on the vehicle alternator R & D and production, from the experience of the vehicle matching to obtain qualifications, the mainstream of domestic commercial vehicle brand support, to enter the United States, the United States Cummings Navistar and other international well-known enterprise global procurement system in three stages.

    The company was set up, leading products with the whole pump type series generator first through the test of Japan's Isuzu Motor Ltd, import substitution has become the main supporting domestic light truck engine generator.

    In 2005, the company successfully obtained Jiangling Motors (Ford) V348 project generator supporting exclusive qualification, the product was named the national Torch Plan key projects in 2008. In 2007, the exclusive right of supporting the company self-developed JFZ270-112 products successfully competing Foton Cummins supporting a new generation of high performance light diesel engine project, greatly enhance the company's brand influence. In 2009, the company ET-305 hybrid excitation generator by the Ministry of science and technology as a national key new products. In October 1, 2009, the 60 anniversary of National Day celebration parade team guided.See more

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